Stop Guessing in Your Real Estate Business & Start Succeeding

What is the number #1 thing preventing you from success in your real estate business?

Is it:

  • The number of calls you get every month
  • The number appointments you aren't getting
  • YOU!

The Real Estate Success Program will teach you how to get people calling you and how to:

  • Sign Listing Contracts for 6% or more every time
  • How to get more referrals with little to no effort
  • How to get an Expired to beg you to take your listing

Don't take our word for it listen to what our customers say:

"I Took 7 Listings In
My First Month!"

"Your program has worked exactly as you said it would. After implementing my first marketing campaign, I took seven listings in my first month. These results are not due to my being in an extraordinary market, or to my being an extraordinary agent. I simply did what you told me to do. That's it. I have you to thank for these results, you to thank for making real estate fun again, and you to thank for giving me back control of my time. -- Cort H.

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“Master The Art Of Being The Agent of Choice For Expired Sellers”

Have a system to generate a minimum of 2 brand new expired listings each and every week.

Todd Bates
Todd Bates Shares Expired Letters,
the same letters he used to sell
150+ Expired listings annually

Dear Real Estate Professional,

There is a portion of the real estate business where you can find sellers who need your help each and every day of the week. These sellers have raised there hand and told you that they need help.

A question that I invite you to answer is this:

"If a seller called you today and told you that they absolutely had to sell would you take the listing?"

I hope that your answer is an enthusiastic, YES!

In my own real estate business I took over 30 listings a month and sold over 300 homes a year and 50% of the listings I took where expired sellers.

It took me years and thousands of phone calls, letters, and trial and error to master the art of working with Expired Sellers. I thought at first Expired Sellers hated real estate agents. What I discovered was that they hated real estate agents who couldn't deliver on their promises.

I had to figure out to get these expired sellers to realize I was the answer to their problems not another nightmare that they were about to encounter.

How did I go about doing this?

I first developed a series of expired listing scripts that I could use on every phone conversation that I had with every expired seller that I came across. After I had that down I realized that I wanted more expired sellers to speak with. In order to do that I had to develop a series of expired listing letters and postcards so that they would call me and all I had to do was return their call.

Don't waste years testing yourself and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I have put together a free 5 Day Course on taking expired listings that you can take below and start dominating the expired market.

Discover the Methods To Take Expired Listings in Our FREE 5 Day Course

I would like to reveal the methods to you so you can take 5,10, 20+ expired listings each and every month. With the right balance of calls and letters you will be taking expired listings every week.

In the 5 Days to Expired Listing Mastery you will discover "dirty little secrets" like:

You'll discover how you can quickly overcome your fears of Expired Sellers and start taking as many listings as you have signs for you. This power packed 5 Day course is absolutely FREE and designed to help you take more listings from Day 1.

When you want to take listings right now, our complete Expired Marketing Mastery Program gives you the insights you need to take 20+ Expired listings each and every month.

To your Success,

Todd Bates

Todd Bates

P.S. Still skeptical? The 5 Day Expired Marketing Mastery course is FREE so you have nothing to lose!

P.P.S Want more help? That's what our Expired Marketing Mastery program is for. I put together the complete system with letters, scripts, schedule and more so you can get the shortcut to taking 20 or more listings every month.

Let us know your thoughts. We have hundreds of real estate professionals take our FREE expired course every month and we are always making improvements. Share your thoughts with us by commenting with your Facebook account.